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Finding truly professional business video at an affordable price needn't be a mystery!

If you're really serious about your business, and serious about harnessing the power of video, you need more than mere videography! You need more than just a moving photograph! You need true professionals who know how to tell your story...

Simply - We make videos for real-world businesses! We help those businesses compete sensibly on a world stage by rising above all the embarrassing, half-baked-amateur video there is on social media such as YouTube. We make legitimate professional videos for, legitimate professional people who take their business seriously...

We do that by helping our clients access properly qualified broadcast professionals, broadcast equipment and techniques at an affordable price. First established as Clydeside Television in 1986, TFGtv is one of the longest established corporate video production companies in Scotland.

The short sampler reel above is designed to give you a rough idea of the sort of programmes we make. No library footage, bought-in animations or backgrounds pad this reel out...

Everything you see here really is original footage from genuine low-cost programmes TFGtv have made...

We are specialist Business Television Producers! - Broadcast trained, qualified and experienced... And our aim is to make high quality video programmes affordable for even the smallest business. - We really do make complete programmes of a sensible length from just £599!

TFGtv provide a complete script to screen business video production service, based right here in Scotland. One that is specifically geared to meet the needs of Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises as well as cost-conscious corporate, third sector and public sector clients. We actively reject the term 'videographer'' as it simply does not describe what we do. We make real television programmes for industrial and commercial clients. And our 28 years of experience in the corporate video production market says you deserve a service that delivers far more than just bystanders with a camera.

The money question? - That's usually the first thing many people feel the need to know about - So we're upfront about pricing and are happy to openly publish realistic examples of what programmes cost... For instance, we'll send a properly qualified crew equipped with real television cameras, broadcast lighting and and sound, to your premises and make a complete programme for you in full HD from just £599! - And not just a 30-second clip either, even our cheapest video production package allows for up to ten-minutes running time!

We simply do not 'do' wedding videos or the like, and should not be confused with those who do - despite our low prices. TFGtv is owned and operated by a former ITV News Cameraman who rose through the ranks to lecture in TV production at one of Scotland's most respected colleges... All our crew are trained to a minimum of HN level specifically in a television-related discipline. Our truly professional team provide a full script to screen service which routinely includes:

Creative concept development.
Script writing.
Planning and project management to broadcast standards. (PRINCE-based system)
Location management and sourcing.
Sourcing Professional Models Actors and Presenters. - Including some very well known faces.
Professional copyright clearance.
Filming. - Real, qualified professionals with real television cameras.
Lighting and sound. - Broadcast standard.
Sourcing bespoke music as well as a wide range of ibrary and stock music.
Post-production and editing. - Broadcast standard.
Preparing your video for the web - AND for distribution on disc etc... World formats including PAL, NTSC, Full HD etc...

TFGtv regularly collaborates with other creative professionals and agencies to ensure that they can include TRULY professional level video content in their materials. And we can, as a free service to clients, put you in touch with the right people should you require an integrated service.

TFGtv is proud to provide a specialised service and we never undermine other creative professionals by pretending to be what we're not! We actively work with your chosen marketing teams, web designers and social media specialists, to ensure that the video content you put out there on the world wide web is of the highest standard it can be for the available budget. Your finished programme is also ideal for exhibitions, point of sale or distribution on DVD, Blu Ray or Memory stick. You can even show it in a commercial cinema - the picture quality is that good!

Please contact us for agency rates if yours is a creative agency commissioning work for third parties; we'd be delighted to discuss working with you.

TFGtv is proud to be a small family business, helping other small firms compete on a world-class level...

We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and completely down-to earth, for honest no-strings advice all you need do is...

E&OE Business to Business only

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