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Truly professional video content for your business, on a tight budget?

Let us solve that mystery for you!

We are a boutique, business video production company based near Edinburgh. Owned and run by a legitimate broadcast professional with over 35 years experience, we make television programmes for people in business, who mean business... With a particular emphasis on ambitious Startup, Sole Traders, Micro/SME, Entrepreneur and third-sector clients that require a service which is sensitive to their budget, but also of high quality.

We also work with small digital and traditional agencies (Web designers, Exhibition organisers, Advertising and PR etc.) to allow them to integrate high quality corporate video into their offering.

Inexpensive, Creative and Experienced - Your programme will be scripted shot and fully project managed by properly qualified, properly trained people using real television cameras, broadcast sound and lighting kit…

Corporate vision, for SMALL businesses!

2015 - New challenges meet cherished traditions...

We believe Scotland - our nation - is changing for the better. And we believe Scotland - our nation - should be at the centre of our thoughts and plans. We think this is a time of great challenges and great opportunity for any business that lives and breathes and grows in Scotland. That's why we've chosen to re-assert our uniquely Scottish identity, and recover that which was once lost, but is now ours again. TFGtv was born in the 1980s... A time of great turmoil and great change, a time of massive challenge. These, it seems to us, are similar times, new beginnings...

On October the 31st 2015 TFGtv will be changing!

We're restructuring - going back to our roots as a 100% family partnership.

And to mark the occasion we're also going back to our old trade name

The Caledonian Television Company

The Caledonian Television Company was first set up in 1986 in Glasgow's Springburn area, not far from "The Caley" (St Rollox) - which was the old Caledonian Railway Company works. Originally called 'Clydeside Television' we changed the name in mid 1987 when the business began to trade all over Scotland and beyond, and it became apparent we were outgrowing our original base in the Red Road Flats!

At that time it also became clear that much of Springburn's railwayregular heritage was to become history. Having grown up in the area as the grandson of a former railwayregularman, the Company's founder and still-current owner wanted to preserve at least some little thing of the place that had given him his start in life. Unfortunately - as is sometimes the way of callow youth - we hadn't protected our brand properly, and had the name snatched away in 1989 by a well-funded, sharp-suited group of individuals who were intent on also 'stealing away' the STV franchise!

We're delighted to see that STV kept their franchise and equally pleased now to have now got our own good name back!

Now formally registered in Edinburgh, The CaledoniaN (the 'N' is important!) Television Company is the brand to note for your business television production needs... With almost thirty years in the business, we're now one of the longest-established and most experienced specialist business video production companies in Scotland.

Existing customers...

All TFGtv archives will continue to be maintained by The Caledonian Television Company - there will be no disruption or change to our services, our telephone number will remain the same as will the people you're used to dealing with.

New Customers...

We remain FULLY OPERATIONAL throughout the transition period which is expected to contunue until the end of 2015. Whilst existing clients will have their accounts moved over to the new company, new clients will be assigned to The Caledonian Television Company immediately...

Contact us on: 0131 202 6230 or via Email