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Truly professional video content for your business, on a tight budget?

Let us solve that mystery for you!

You probably wouldn't represent yourself or your business with a cardboard sign written in ink-marker and tied to a railing - no matter how tight the purse-strings! - It's a serious professional business you're running after all, not a jumble sale!

And yet so many people seem to imagine that's the level at which they might harness online video channels such as YouTube or Vimeo... Bawling into cheap webcams, drooling into iPhones... That, or cobbling together some wobbly home movie that may well see them sued because they don't understand the intricacies of Intellectual Property rights. - None of this reflects well on those who persist in it! Frankly - It's kid's stuff!

If you're really serious about your business, and serious about harnessing the power of video, you need something other than a half-baked amateur home movie representing it! - It's just THAT simple!

TFGtv provide you with access to properly equipped, properly qualified, broadcast professionals at an affordable price. We offer complete production packages that yield programmes of a sensible length from just £499* The short sampler reel above is designed to give you a rough idea of the sort of programmes we make for small businesses. No library footage or bought-in animations pad this showreel out! We've no need for such tricks! Everything you see here really is original footage from genuine low-cost programmes TFGtv have made...

We've been producing business videos since 1986. That experience tells us that one of the first things you probably need to know is how much it all costs. That's why we're happy to provide a rough guide to pricing supported by a few real-life examples. We don't do smoke-and-mirrors pricing - and even our £499* headline price is for a programme of up to ten minutes in length, finished and ready to go with stock music and basic titles.

* Please note that our lowest-cost 'Webcast' package has been reduced to £499 by way of a special offer for winter 2014-15

TFGtv provide a complete video production service, based right here in Scotland. One that is specifically geared to meet the needs of Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises as well as cost-conscious corporate, third sector and public sector clients. No matter how modest the budget, your programme is project-managed to broadcast standards and is fully audited to protect your legal rights to the finished product.

TFGtv is owned and operated by a former ITV News Cameraman who rose through the ranks to lecture in TV production at one of Scotland's most respected colleges and sit on SQA qualification design teams. Our operating procedures are based on 35+ years of broadcast, commercial and educational expertise... All our crew are trained and qualified to a minimum of HNC/D level specifically in a television-related discipline.

TFGtv are business video specialists... We are NOT Wedding Videographers and don't pretend to be 'Jack of All Trades'. Rather than try to undermine or desperately poach business from them, we work with Web Designers, Graphics Artists, Musicians, Advertising Agents, PR companies and other creatives to ensure that each particular job is done by the people best-suited to doing it.

TFGtv regularly collaborate with other creative professionals and agencies. Please contact us for agency rates if yours is a creative agency commissioning work for third parties; we'd be delighted to discuss working with you.

TFGtv Was first established in Glasgow in 1986 as Clydeside Television Productions, we're now one of the longest-established business video production companies in Scotland. We're proud and happy to be a small family business with no pretentions otherwise. And it's our pleasure to specialise in meeting the needs of other small companies, charities, sole traders and public service organisations such as community groups and councils.

Our aim is to help you punch above your weight! And we will assist you by making a credible, professionally produced video that shows you and your business in the proper professional light it deserves. - No matter how modest your operation or budget, be you a sole trader just starting out or heading-up a multi-million pound operation that's been around for decades...

We make promotional video, sales videos, training and health and safety programmes, video progress reports, management presentations, programmes for sale on DVD or Blu-Ray, public information films, exhibition videos... Even advertisements for TV, Point of Sale and use on electronic signage.

Our truly professional team provide a full script to screen service which routinely includes:

Creative concept development.
Script writing and development.
Planning and project management protocols to broadcast standards. (PRINCE-2 based system in operation)
Location management and sourcing.
Sourcing Professional Models Actors and Presenters. - Including some very well known faces.
Professional copyright clearance - all programmes get a proper legal audit.
Filming. - Real, qualified professionals with real television cameras.
Lighting and sound. - Broadcast standard.
Sourcing bespoke music as well as a wide range of library and stock music.
Post-production and editing. - Broadcast standard.
Preparing your video for the web - AND for distribution on disc etc... World formats including PAL, NTSC, Full HD etc...

TFGtv routinely services all areas of Scotland and Northern England - (Northumberland and Cumbria) within 125 road-miles of Livingston, West Lothian. This of course includes Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, Dumbartonshire, Carlisle, Newcastle... All the major towns including Cumbernauld, Falkirk, Airdrie, Coatbridge, Motherwell, Bellshill, Hamilton and of course Stirling, Perth, Fife as far up the East Coast as Arbroath and down into Kelso, Jedburgh, Coldstream, Wooler Alnwick etc. Sadly we have to make special arrangements and extra charges for the Highlands and Islands, as we do for the rest of the UK (i.e. beyond our 125 mile daily-travel area). We do cover the whole of the rest of UK with the exception of areas inside the London LEZ..

We are proud to be a small family business, helping other small firms compete on a world-class level...

We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and completely down-to earth, for honest no-strings advice all you need do is...

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Regretfully, we no longer provide any service to the London area

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